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basal-like mammary carcinoma

Monday 16 October 2006

basal-like mammary carcinoma; basal-like breast cancer

Definition: Basal-like tumors are a subtype of breast cancer which express genes that are characteristic of basal epithelial cells, such as the basal cytokeratins, and are associated with poor relapse-free and overall survival.

Basal like breast carcinoma is poorly differentiated, medullary like histologically (but with a poor prognosis) triple negative (-ER, - PR, - Her2), positive for vimentin, CK5/6, and may stain for p63 and S100. It is associated with BRCA1 mutations.

Tumors with a worse prognosis than IDC include basal like breast carcinoma , invasive micropapillary carcinoma , metaplastic carcinoma , and Her-2 + carcinomas .

Her-2 positivity confers the option of treatment with trastuzumab (Herceptin), but it is a poor prognostic indicator.


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