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central giant cell granuloma

Tuesday 4 April 2006

CGCG, central giant cell granuloma, giant cell granuloma of the jaws

Definition: Central giant cell granuloma (CGCG) of the jaws is a central osteolytic lesion characterized histologically by multinucleated giant cells in a background of ovoid to spindle-shaped mesenchymal cells. Whether CGCG is a reactive lesion or a truly benign neoplasm remains undetermined, and the mechanism determining the onset of the disease remains unknown.


- maxillary
- mandible

Expression profiling: 15915104

Gene overexpression

- Cyclin D1 protein overexpression (15128059)

See also

- giant cell granuloma of the bone

  • peripheral giant cell granuloma


- Liu B, Yu SF, Li TJ. Multinucleated giant cells in various forms of giant cell containing lesions of the jaws express features of osteoclasts. J Oral Pathol Med. 2003 Jul;32(6):367-75. PMID: 12787044