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extra-abdominal deep soft tissue leiomyoma

Wednesday 1 February 2006


- absence of nuclear atypia
- absence of necrosis
- no/minimal mitotic activity


- deep somatic soft tissue of the lower extremity
- upper extremity
- trunk
- axilla
- back
- affect sexes equally (7 male, 6 female)

- circumscribed mass of mature smooth muscle cells
- frequently calcified
- mean mitotic activity of @<@1 mitosis/50 high power fields (HPF) (range 1-4 mitoses/50 HPF)


- estrogen receptor negative
- progesterone receptor negative

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- intra-abdominal deep soft tissue leiomyoma


- Billings SD, Folpe AL, Weiss SW. Do leiomyomas of deep soft tissue exist? An analysis of highly differentiated smooth muscle tumors of deep soft tissue supporting two distinct subtypes. Am J Surg Pathol. 2001 Sep;25(9):1134-42. PMID: 11688572