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hepatic Lafora bodies

Tuesday 3 January 2006


- numerous ground-glass hepatocytes (hepatocytic ground-glass inclusions)
- inclusions type Lafora bodies

  • The inclusions are large, intracytoplasmic, pale, eosinophilic and kidney-shaped.
  • The inclusions are periodic acid-Schiff positive and HBsAg negative.
  • Immunoperoxidase studies show that the inclusions are positive for cytokeratins and alpha 1-antitrypsin. (2172143)


- Inclusions are not membrane-bound and consisted of secondary lysosomes and degenerate organelles including rough and smooth endoplasmic reticulum. (2172143)
- Inclusions consist of dense granules, fibrils and vacuoles, with appearances very similar to Lafora bodies. (2172143)

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- Ng IO, Sturgess RP, Williams R, Portmann B. Ground-glass hepatocytes with Lafora body like inclusions—histochemical, immunohistochemical and electronmicroscopic characterization. Histopathology. 1990 Aug;17(2):109-15. PMID: 2172143