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metanephric adenoma

Wednesday 31 August 2005

embryonal adenoma

Definition: Metanephric adenoma is a rare benign tumor of the kidney. It is considered to be derived from embryonic renal tissue and to be the benign counterpart of the Wilms tumor. Although its imaging findings and immunohistochemistry are nonspecific, it has a typical microscopic morphology.


- Metanephric adenoma

- Cards

Embryonal (metanephric) adenoma of the kidney, like Wilms’ tumor, exhibits small monomorphic, blue cells arranged as vague, tubular rosettes. Unlike Wilms’ tumor, which requires chemotherapy or multi-modality therapy for optimal management, the available evidence indicates that embryonal adenoma is most likely cured by simple enucleation or nephrectomy.


- CDH17+ / cadherin-17+ (25768256)


- multifocal metanephric adenoma


- t(9;15)(p24;q24) (15747102)
- inv(12)(q13q15) (15747102)
- t(1;22)(q22;q13) (16938529)
- t(15;16)(q21;p13) (16938529)


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