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pulmonary lesional syndromes

Wednesday 4 May 2005

pulmonary lesional patterns; lung lesional patterns


- reaction patterns of the distal lung parenchyma

  • diffuse alveolar hemorrhage (DAH)
  • organizing pneumonia pattern
  • cellular interstitial infiltrates
  • desquamtive interstitial pneumonia-like pattern
  • interstitial fibrosis (usuallly with honeycombing)
  • granulomatous interstitial pneumonia (with or without necrosis)
  • lymphocytic interstitial pneumonia/diffuse lymphoid hyperplasia

- diffuse parenchymal lung diseases (DPLD)

  • idiopathic interstitial pneumonia
    • UIP usual interstitial pneumonia (idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, cryptogenice fibrosing alveolitis)
    • NSIP non-specific interstitial pneumonia

- cryptogenic organizing pneumonia (bonrchiolitis obliterans organizing pneumonia)


- ISBN: 1881041794