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Monday 14 March 2005

Adj. anal - Anal canal


Definition: The anal canal extends from the anorectal junction to the anal margin.

The dentate line marks the junction between squamous and mucosal epithelium in the anal canal. Immediately above the dentate line there is a zone of transitional epithelium. Below the dentate line, the canal is lined by non-keratinising squamous epithelium, which merges with the perianal skin.

The anal margin is the pigmented skin immediately surrounding the anal orifice.

The lymphatic drainage varies in different parts of the canal. Proximally drainage is to perirectal nodes along the inferior mesenteric artery. Lymph from immediately above the dentate line drains to internal pudendal nodes, and to the internal iliac system. Infra-dentate and perianal skin drains to the inguinal, femoral and external iliac nodes.

Pathology : anal pathology

- anal malformations
- anal anomalies
- anal lesional syndromes
- anal diseases
- anal tumors

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