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intestinal atresia

Wednesday 9 February 2005

Digital slide

- Case 42 : Multiple intestinal atresia syndrome


- duodenal atresia
- jejunal atresia
- ileal atresia


- type1: mucosal atresia (membranous atresia) by mucosal diaphragm (web)
- type 2 and 3: blind ends (blind type atresia)

  • type 2: blind ends separated by a fibrous cord (cord type atresia)
  • type 3a: blind ends separated by a V-shaped mesenteric defect
  • type 3b: blind ends with apple peel appearance
  • type 4: multiple intestinal atresias (string of sausages appearance)

Associations - Etiology

- fetal intestinal ischemia

- genetic diseases

See also

- digestive malformations

  • intestinal malformations

- Atresias

  • digestive atresias


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