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hepatic peliosis

Tuesday 25 January 2005

peliosis hepatis

Definition: Peliosis hepatis is a condition characterized by the presence of blood-filled lacunar spaces in the liver, usually has a chronic presentation pattern.

It is mainly reported in adult patients in association with chronic wasting disorders and after administration of various drugs.


- Peliosis hepatis : Macroscopy


- macroscopic peliosis
- microscopic peliosis


- +/- acute hepatic failure (10406195)
- +/- intraperitoneal hemorrhage (10406195)


- Escherichia coli pyelonephritis


- Jacquemin E, Pariente D, Fabre M, Huault G, Valayer J, Bernard O. Peliosis hepatis with initial presentation as acute hepatic failure and intraperitoneal hemorrhage in children. J Hepatol. 1999 Jun;30(6):1146-50. PMID: 10406195