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TORCH syndrome

Wednesday 5 January 2005

Definition: Acronym for a group of systemic fetal infections: Toxoplasmosis, Other agents, Rubella, Cytomegalovirus infection (CMV), Herpes simplex infection.


- Intrauterine fetal demise at 28 wks. CMV chronic villitis. Lymphs, plasma cells. Necrotic and fibrotic villi. Calcs. Owl’s eye incl. TORCH

- Congenital toxoplasmosis of the brain. One of the TORCH (toxo, rubella, CMV, HSV) infections.

See also

- congenital toxoplasmosis
- fetal toxoplasmosis
- fetal infections by other agents
- fetal rubella
- fetal CMV infection (cytomegalovirus) / CMV chronic villitis
- fetal HSV infection (Herpes simplex virus)

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