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Boissier de Sauvages

Monday 13 December 2004

Sauvages de la Croix was among the earliest of the systematists and theorists of the eighteenth century who developed detailed classifications of disease.

Professor of medicine and later botany at Montpellier, he was a friend of Linnaeus, and an active author whose Pathologica methodica sue de cognoscendis morbis (Leiden, 1759) went through numerous editions and translations’ (Heirs, 1873).

He presents approximately 2400 clinical entries arranged in a classification following that of Sydenham and Linnaeus. The text concentrates primarily on clinical symptoms and morbid anatomy and is little concerned with therapy. It is a unique work that served simultaneously as a medical textbook, lexicon and dictionary.

Sauvages adopted the botanical system of Linnaeus for a classification of diseases; his book exerted a wide influence on his contemporaries. He enumerated 2400 different cases.


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