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pulmonary lymphomatoid granulomatosis

Tuesday 16 November 2004

Digital case

- JRC:1608 : Pulmonary lymphomatoid granulomatosis.
- JRC:19434 : Pulmonary lymphomatoid granulomatosis.

Definition: Lymphomatoid granulomatosis is a rare lesional syndrome associated with Epstein-Barr virus EBV-associated B-cell LPD. It is an angio-destructive lymphoproliferative disorder (LPD) with prominent pulmonary involvement.

- Most LYG are an Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)-associated B-cell LPD with large numbers of background reactive T lymphocytes (T cell-rich B cell lymphoma) and can be considered as a rare angiocentric and angiodestructive form of EBV-associated B-cell LPD. However, some are associated with peripheral T-cell lymphoma (7573693, 11085664).


- angiocentric immunoproliferative lesion

  • angiocentric or angiodestructive lesions with lymphocytic infiltrates (angioinvasion)
  • marked angiocentric lymphohistiocytic infiltrate, composed predominantly of CD4-positive T-cells, with angiodestruction and necrosis

- zonal necrosis
- tumor nodules: mixture of atypical large CD20+ lymphocytes, with vesicular nuclei and prominent nucleoli and with a background of small and intermediate-size T-lymphocytes, histiocytes, and plasma cells.
- EBV1-encoded RNA present in CD20+ large, atypical lymphocytes


- secondary immunodeficiencies

- primary immunodeficiencies


- grade 1 lymphomatoid granulomatosis
- grade 2 lymphomatoid granulomatosis
- grade 3 lymphomatoid granulomatosis

Differential diagnosis

- Wegener granulomatosis
- varicella-zoster-related pneumonia
- bronchocentric granulomatosis
- Hodgkin lymphoma
- peripheral T-cell lymphoma (PTCLs)
- natural killer cell lymphoma (NKCL)

Other localization

- pulmonary lymphomatoid granulomatosis
- cerebral lymphomatoid granulomatosis (20%)
- cutaneous lymphomatoid granulomatosis (11688570)
- digestive lymphomatoid granulomatosis
- renal lymphomatoid granulomatosis
- hepatic lymphomatoid granulomatosis


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