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MIM.607150 2q35

Tuesday 26 October 2004

FEV belongs to a family of ETS transcription factors defined by the presence of a highly conserved 85-amino acid ETS domain. The ETS domain mediates specific binding to purine-rich DNA sequences characterized by an invariant GGA/TA core element.


- FEV rearrangemets in Ewing sarcoma


- Ng TL, O’Sullivan MJ, Pallen CJ, Hayes M, Clarkson PW, Winstanley M, Sorensen PH, Nielsen TO, Horsman DE. Ewing sarcoma with novel translocation t(2;16) producing an in-frame fusion of FUS and FEV.J Mol Diagn. 2007 Sep;9(4):459-63. PMID: 17620387

- Peter, M.; Couturier, J.; Pacquement, H.; Michon, J.; Thomas, G.; Magdelenat, H.; Delattre, O. : A new member of the ETS family fused to EWS in Ewing tumors. Oncogene 14: 1159-1164, 1997. PubMed ID : 9121764