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Tuesday 12 October 2004


- fetal urethral obstruction (obstructive megacystis)

- non-obstructive megacystis

- chromosomal anomalies

Mouse models

- mgb mouse: transgenic mutant mouse model with in utero megabladder, hydroureteronephrosis, chronic renal failure secondary to obstructive uropathy (primary defect in bladder smooth muscle development) (17202422)

See also

- Prune-Belly sequence

Case records

- Case record #10087
- Case record #11183: megacystis-microcolon syndrome
- Case record #11598: Megacystis in urethral obstruction sequence (UOS) with prune belly syndrome


- McHugo J, Whittle M. Enlarged fetal bladders: aetiology, management and outcome. Prenat Diagn. 2001 Nov;21(11):958-63. PMID: 11746149