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cystic fibrosis-associated colonopathy

Friday 27 June 2003

An epidemic of fibrosing colonopathy, a new disease caused by the prolonged administration of excessive doses of pancreatic enzymes, was first reported in 1994. More than 60 cases were known to occur worldwide before dosage guidelines were enforced.

Predisposing factors

- young age
- previous intestinal surgery
- meconium ileus equivalent
- use of H2 blockers, corticosteroids, and DNase.


- foreshortened colon
- strictures
- marked submucosal fibrosis
- ascites
- nodular hyperplasia of the liver

Microscopical synopsis

- eosinophilia
- mild cryptitis
- epithelial regeneration
- interruption of the muscularis mucosa

Differential diagnosis

- Crohn disease
- ischemic bowel disease

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- cystic fibrosis-associated colitis