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MIM.309845 Xq11.2-q12

Sunday 22 August 2004

Moesin was called for membrane-organizing extension spike protein. MSN has a significant homology in sequence to VIL2 (ezrin) (MIM.123900), EBP41 (protein 4.1) (MIM.130500), TLN1 (talin)(MIM.186745), RDV (radixin) (MIM.179410), and NF2 (merlin) (MIM.607379).

These proteins constitute a family with structural and probably functional relationships; all of them are localized to the submembranous cytoskeleton (See ERM proteins).

Moesin (MSN) is widely expressed in different tissues in cells, where it is localized to filopodia and other membranous protrusions that are important for cell-cell recognition and signaling and for cell movement.


- ALK/MSN fusion protein in anaplastic large cell lymphoma

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