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angiocentric lymphomas

Friday 20 August 2004

Angiocentric lymphomas are a heterogeneous spectrum of hematolymphoid malignancies that share a particular histologic characteristic, namely, an angiocentric or perivascular growth pattern. They include a variety of T-cell lymphomas, B-cell lymphomas, and natural killer-cell derived lymphomas (NK/T-cell lymphomas).

The term angiocentric lymphomas was initially used to refer to natural killer and natural killer-like T-cell lymphomas that show a prominent angiocentric growth pattern.


- T-cell angiocentric lymphoma

  • T-cell panniculitis-like lymphoma

- B-cell angiocentric lymphoma

  • angiocentric T-cell-rich B-cell lymphoma

- angiocentric NK-cell lymphoma


- pulmonary angiocentric lymphoma
- cutaneous angiocentric lymphoma


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