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undifferentiated sarcomas

Monday 28 June 2004

Definition: Undifferentiated sarcomas are primitive mesenchymal tumors that cannot be classified among standardized histopathologic entities. Whether they represent a homogeneous group with common histogenesis and clinical behavior or comprise a variety of tumors able to differentiate along specific maturative lineages is still debated.

Primitive undifferentiated sarcomas occur in the trunk, behave aggressively, and express nestin. (19647855)

Spindle cell undifferentiated sarcomas occur in extremities, have a favorable outcome, resemble fibrosarcomas, and have similarly low survivin levels and display CD105-positive vascular spaces, which may represent an early hemangiopericytomatous pattern. (19647855)


- undifferentiated small round cell sarcomas
- undifferentiated large round cell sarcomas
- undifferentiated fusiform cell sarcomas

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