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spindle cell hemangioma

Monday 14 June 2004

fusiform cell hemangioendothelioma, spindle cell hemangioendothelioma

Definition: Spindle cell haemangioendothelioma is an entirely benign, non-recurring lesion which has been renamed "spindle cell hemangioma".


- Spindle cell hemangioma

Similarly, it is now appreciated that as many as 20–30% of epithelioid haemangioendotheliomas may give rise to distant metastases (albeit the rate is lower in cytologically bland examples) and hence these tumours have been redesignated as malignant.

Intermediate vascular tumours are now subcategorized into locally aggressive and rarely metastasizing subsets.


- Maffucci syndrome
- varicose veins
- congenital lymphedema

Differential diagnosis

- Kaposi sarcoma
- angiosarcomas

Molecular Pathology

- IDHs mutations : IDH1 and IDH2 somatic mutations in :

  • glial tumors
  • spindle cell hemangioma

See also

-  vascular tumors ( endothelial cell tumors )


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