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chronic inflammation

Tuesday 1 June 2004

Definition: Inflammation in which mononuclear leukocytes, including lymphocytes, plasma cells (plasmocytes), and macrophages (histiocytes) predominate.

Occasional small lymphoid aggregates without germinal centers are to be expected, but presence of germinal centers is prima facie evidence of chronic inflammation.

Prominent numbers of eosinophils and mast cells, and fibrocytes with fibrosis when there is tissue repair, are often included in the overall picture of chronic inflammation.


- lymphocytic inflammation
- plasmacytic inflammation
- eosinophilic inflammation
-  granulomatous inflammation
- granulation tissue
- fibrosis


- lesional inflammation
- infectious inflammation
- dysinflammatory inflammation
- dysimmune inflammation

Localization - Examples

- chronic myocarditis
- chronic interstitial nephritis
- chronic pancreatitis
- chronic vasculitis

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- inflammation