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Friday 21 May 2004


Definition: In pathology, “cyst” is the term used for lesions that consists of an epithelium-lined cavity that is filled by material that is generally fluid, mucinous or semi-solid.

Cysts can arise anywhere in the body and their epithelial lining varies according to the site and tissue they originate from.

Although cysts can have a bulky tumor-like appearance, the majority are completely benign non-neoplastic lesions. It should, however, be borne in mind that benign and malignant epithelial tumors arising at certain sites, like ovaries and pancreas, frequently present as cystic masses.


- malformative cysts (developmental cysts )

- acquired cysts

- tumoral cysts / cystic tumors

- inclusion cysts

According to the localization

- jaw cysts/ cysts of the jaws
- cervical cysts
-  bone cysts / cysts of bones
- cutaneous cysts
- intracranial cysts
- hepatic cysts
- mediastinal cysts
- penile cysts
- pulmonary cysts
- thymic cysts
- pancreatic cysts
- splenic cysts
-  ovarian cysts
-  renal cysts

Intracystic anomalies

- intracystic papillary proliferation
- intracystic epithelial anomalies

  • intracystic epithelial dysplasia
  • cystic wall invasion
  • cystic cunjunctive tissue invasion

Diagnostic of cysts / cystic anomalies

- bording cell appearance

Differential diagnosis

- cystic malformations
- cystic tumors
- cystic anomalies



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- cystic cavities