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renal cysts

Thursday 13 May 2004

Morphological types

- spherical renal cysts

  • macrocysts
  • microcysts

- elongated renal cysts

According to cyst types

- renal glomerular cysts (glomerulocysts)
- renal tubular cysts (tubulocysts)
- renal simple cysts
- renal peripheral cortical cysts
- renal tumoral cysts ( renal cystic tumors )

According to cysts localization

- renal medullary cysts
- renal cortical cysts
- renal diffuse cysts

According to the number of cysts

- unique renal cyst (unilocular renal cyst)
- multiple renal cysts (oligocystic kidneys)
- diffuse renal cysts (multicystic kidneys)

  • diffuse renal multicystic kidneys
    • renal polycystic diseases
    • diffuse renal multicystic diseases


A. Renal cysts of embryonic origin

- renal simple cysts

  • solitary renal cysts
  • multilocular renal cysts

- calyceal diverticula or pelvic diverticula
- renal cystic diseases

  • renal cysts in multicystic renal dysplasia
  • renal cysts in polycystic kidney diseases (PKD)
  • glomerulocystic disease
  • cystic dilatation of renal pyramids
  • renal medullary cystic diseases
    • medullary sponge kidney
    • medullary cystic disease (familial juvenile nephronophtisis complex)

- renal cysts associated with malformative syndromes and genetic diseases

B. Renal cysts of nonembryonic origin

- retention renal cysts

  • cysts associated with calculi
  • obstructive renal dysplasia

- inflammatory renal cysts

  • cysts associated with infections

- parasitic renal cysts

Differential diagnosis

- tumoral renal cysts (renal cystic tumors)

  • cystic nephroma
  • cystic partially differentiated nephroblastoma
  • cystic classical Wilms tumor
  • cystic renal cell carcinomas

See also

- fetal renal cysts (fetal multicystic kidneys)