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transporter proteins

Monday 8 March 2004

Classification - Superfamilies and families

APC Superfamily

- The Amino Acid/Auxin Permease (AAAP) Family
- The Amino Acid-Polyamine-Organocation (APC) Family
- The Hydroxy/Aromatic Amino Acid Permease (HAAAP) Family

AT Superfamily

- The Bile Acid:Na+ Symporter (BASS) Family
- The Arsenical Resistance-3 (ACR3) Family

CPA Superfamily

- The Monovalent Cation:Proton Antiporter-1 (CPA1) Family
- The Monovalent Cation:Proton Antiporter-2 (CPA2) Family
- The Na+-transporting Carboxylic Acid Decarboxylase (NaT-DC) Family

IT Superfamily

- The Citrate-Mg2+:H+ (CitM) Citrate-Ca2+:H+ (CitH) Symporter (CitMHS) Family
- The C4-Dicarboxylate Uptake (Dcu) Family
- The Lactate Permease (LctP) Family
- The NhaB Na+:H+ Antiporter (NhaB) Family
- The NhaC Na+:H+ Antiporter (NhaC) Family
- The Arsenite-Antimonite (ArsB) Efflux Family
- The Divalent Anion:Na+ Symporter (DASS) Family
- The Tripartite ATP-independent Periplasmic Transporter (TRAP-T) Family
- The C4-dicarboxylate Uptake C (DcuC) Family
- The NhaD Na+:H+ Antiporter (NhaD) Family
- The p-Aminobenzoyl-glutamate Transporter (AbgT) Family
- The Gluconate:H+ Symporter (GntP) Family
- The Unknown IT-1 (UIT1) Family
- The Unknown IT-2 (UIT2) Family
- The Unknown IT-3 (UIT3) Family
- The Unknown IT-4 (UIT4) Family
- The Unknown IT-5 (UIT5) Family
- The Unknown IT-6 (UIT6) Family
- The Unknown IT-7 (UIT7) Family
- The Unknown IT-8 (UIT8) Family
- The Unknown IT-9 (UIT9) Family
- The Unknown IT-10 (UIT10) Family
- The Unknown IT-11 (UIT11) Family

MFS Superfamily

- The Major Facilitator Superfamily (MFS)
- The Proton-dependent Oligopeptide Transporter (POT) Family
- The Glycoside-Pentoside-Hexuronide (GPH):Cation Symporter Family
- The Organo Anion Transporter (OAT) Family
- The Folate-Biopterin Transporter (FBT) Family
- The Putative Bacteriochlorophyll Delivery (BCD) Family

PTS Superfamily

- The PTS Glucose-Glucoside (Glc) Family
- The PTS Fructose-Mannitol (Fru) Family
- The PTS Lactose-N,N’-Diacetylchitobiose-β-glucoside (Lac) Family

PTS-AG Superfamily

- The PTS Galactitol (Gat) Family
- The PTS L-Ascorbate (L-Asc) Family

VIC Superfamily

- The Voltage-gated Ion Channel (VIC) Superfamily
- The Glutamate-gated Ion Channel (GIC) Family of Neurotransmitter Receptors
- The Animal Inward Rectifier K+ Channel (IRK-C) Family
- The Ryanodine-Inositol 1,4,5-triphosphate Receptor Ca2+ Channel (RIR-CaC) Family
- The Transient Receptor Potential Ca2+ Channel (TRP-CC) Family
- The Polycystin Cation Channel (PCC) Family (polycystins)