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vulvar hidradenoma papilliferum

Monday 17 January 2022

Definition : An hidradenoma papilliferum is a rare benign tumor of apocrine glands. It usually presents as an asymptomatic flesh-colored nodule in the anogenital area of women.

Hidradenoma papilliferum is an uncommon benign neoplasm arising from apocrine glands, seen in middle-aged females, commonly between the ages of 30-49 years.

It usually presents as a firm, flesh to red-colored nodule in the anogenital area.

Rarely, it can be seen over the head and neck, and over modified apocrine gland areas such as breast, external ear canal, and eyelid. It is then referred to as ectopic hidradenoma papilliferum.

Histopathology shows a partly solid or solid-cystic dermal lesion with anastomosing papillary structures and tubules as well as some glandular areas. The epithelial lining consists of an inner layer of columnar cells with decapitation secretion in the lumen and frequently an outer myoepithelial layer. The tumor has got a good prognosis and malignant transformation is extremely rare.


- dermal tumor
- papillary folds , tubules, cystically dilated spaces
- lumen lined by columnar cells with decapitation secretion



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