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ovarian pregnancy

Tuesday 15 September 2020

Ovarian pregnancy is a rare form of ectopic pregnancy but it is the most common type of nontubal ectopic pregnancy. Many times it is operated with a misdiagnosis of ruptured tubal ectopic pregnancy or hemorrhagic corpus luteum.

Ectopic pregnancy is an important health problem and accounts for 10% of all maternal mortality. Incidence of ovarian pregnancy in natural conception vary from one in 7,000 to one in 40,000 deliveries and accounts for @<@3% of all ectopic pregnancies.

Ovarian pregnancy is classified into primary and secondary, the former is usually due to ovulatory dysfunction, where fertilization takes place within the follicle, where as the later is due to tubal abortion or perforation of the conceptus with ovarian stromal implantation.

Ovarian pregnancy can again be as intrafollicular and extrafollicular types, intrafollicular is mostly primary but extrafollicular type can be either primary or secondary.

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