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multiple trichoepitheliomas

Monday 17 August 2020



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- nests of basaloid cells

  • Cells are often in fronds, may have 2 or more layers of basaloid cells.
  • Cells may have papillary mesenchymal bodies.
  • Basaloid cells form primitive hair follicle-germ structures (like cylindroma).

- They lack the myxoid stroma and artefactual clefting seen in basal cell carcinoma.
- Mitoses are uncommon when compared to basal cell carcinoma.

- fibromyxoid stroma


- desmoplastic trichoepithelioma

Predisposition - Association

- Rasmussen syndrome
- Brooke-spiegler syndrome
- Cowden syndrome

Differential diagnosis

- basaloid cell tumors

  • basal cell carcinoma / BCC

For desmoplastic trichoepithelioma
- basal cell carcinoma, morphea type
- syringoma

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- cutaneous adnexal tumors