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angiofibroma of soft tissue

Thursday 30 January 2020


Differential diagnosis

- cellular angiofibroma

  • usually in genital region, more cellular, usually ER+, PR+

- low-grade fibromyxoid sarcoma

  • often > 6 cm and infiltrative, 45% have epithelioid areas, 40% contain poorly formed but large collagen rosettes

- low-grade myxofibrosarcoma

  • infiltrative borders, often sends out long tentacles, more solid areas are often seen similar to typical undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcom; has curvilinear vessels (thick walled with broad arc) with condensation of cells around vessels

- myxoid liposarcoma

  • prominent chicken wire vasculature, numerous signet ring lipoblasts particularly at periphery of lobules, mucoid matrix rich in hyaluronidase sensitive acid mucopolysaccharides, may have large mucoid pools, S100+

- solitary fibrous tumor

  • fibroblast like cells with patternless pattern, thick bands of collagen and prominent branching, hyalinized vessels; CD34+, CD99+