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odontogenic cysts

Monday 25 March 2019


Definition : Odontogenic cyst are a group of jaw cysts that are formed from tissues involved in odontogenesis (tooth development).

Odontogenic cysts are closed sacs, and have a distinct membrane derived from rests of odontogenic epithelium. It may contain air, fluids, or semi-solid material.

Intra-bony cysts are most common in the jaws, because the mandible and maxilla are the only bones with epithelial components.

That odontogenic epithelium is critical in normal tooth development. However, epithelial rests may be the origin for the cyst lining later. Not all oral cysts are odontogenic cyst. For example, mucous cyst of the oral mucosa and nasolabial duct cyst are not of odontogenic origin.

In addition, there are several conditions with so-called (radiographic) ’pseudocystic appearance’ in jaws; ranging from anatomic variants such as Stafne static bone cyst, to the aggressive aneurysmal bone cyst.


–* inflammatory odontogenic cysts

–* developmental odontogenic cysts

Diagnosis of odontogenic cysts

- isolated squamous cell epithelium

  • odontogneic keratocyst / Gorlin syndrome

- glands ?

  • glandular odontogenic cysts

-  calcifications / psammomas ?

  • calcifying odontogenic cyst

See also

- non-odontogenic cysts

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