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ovarian inclusion cyst

Saturday 9 February 2019

ovarian surface inclusion cysts; Cortical inclusion cysts


Definition : Invaginations of the ovarian surface epithelium into the ovarian cortex.

Serous inclusion cysts of the ovary are benign cysts typically seen in postmenopausal women. They are typically small (i.e. less than 5 cm), smooth walled and have no septations or solid components. They can alter through time and often disappear.


- peritoneal serous inclusion cyst: lined by flat epithelium invaginated from ovarian surface epithelium; these express a peritoneal phenotype (calretinin, WT1 and D2-40 positive, PAX8 and BerEP4 negative)

- Müllerian inclusion cyst

  • lined by ciliated tubal epithelium as a result of implantation of tubal epithelium in the ovarian parenchyma, presumably at the time of ovulation when the ovarian surface epithelium is disrupted;
  • these express a tubal Müllerian phenotype (PAX8, BerEP4 and WT1 positive, calretinin and D2-40 negative)
  • Size is less than 1 cm; if more than 1 cm, by convention the lesion is designated as serous cystadenoma or serous cystadenofibroma

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