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granulomatous gastritis

Wednesday 21 January 2004

gastric granuloma

Granulomatous gastritis, as an unqualified term, is a diagnosis of last resort and should be attached to a case only after numerous alternatives have been considered.

Granulomas may be present in the gastric mucosa in Crohn disease, in sarcoidosis, a variety of infectious diseases (such as tuberculosis, histoplasmosis and anisakiasis), and as a reaction to endogenous and foreign materials.

Even when the histological appearances of the granulomas are nonspecific, important clues to the ultimate diagnosis are given by careful evaluation of their distribution and morphology.

In rare instances, granulomatous gastritis may be part of an immunemediated vasculitis syndrome, an accompaniment of gastric lymphoma, or take a xanthogranulomatous form akin to xanthogranulomatous cholecystitis. Only after excluding such causes should the diagnosis of isolated granulomatous gastritis be made.


- infectious granulomatous gastritis

  • Whipple disease
  • tuberculosis
  • syphilis
  • gastric parasitic granuloma

- active chronic gastritis

- gastric sarcoidosis
- peptic ulcer
- gastric vasculitis

- gastric allergic granulomatosis
- gastric lymphomas

- gastric Langerhans hsitiocytosis
- gastric cancer-associated granuloma

  • adenocarcinoma area

- gastric barium granuloma


- gastric adenocarcinoma associated with granulomatous gastritis (12088259)


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