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fibrous epulis

Wednesday 14 November 2018

Also called fibroepithelial polyp , fibrous hyperplasia , peripheral ossifying fibroma (POF) if osteoblastic rimming . fibroid epulis


Definition : It is a fibroid mass in free gingiva. It is due to chronic gingival inflammation / chronic gengivitis , pyogenic granuloma or other causes. It may calcify or ossify.

The fibrous epulis, a common tumor-like lesion of the gingiva, appears in the interdental papilla as a result of local irritation. Lesions are asymptomatic and have a variable growth rate.

The fibrous epulis usually appears in the interdental papilla as the result of local irritation (calculus, bacterial plaque, caries or restorations with irregular margins).


- mucosal chorionic fibrosis
- mucosal inflammatory infiltrate
- focal mucosal ulceration

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