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nasolabial cyst

Thursday 4 January 2018

Nasolabial cysts are relatively uncommon benign extraosseous maxillary lesions.

Nasolabial cyst lining epithelium is characteristically composed of a basal layer of cuboidal cells and a luminal layer of columnar secretory cells with interspersed mucous goblet cells. In addition, areas of multilayered epithelium and squamous metaplasia may be seen.

The cyst stroma is characterized by collagen-rich fibrovascular tissue with variably admixed chronic inflammatory cells.

Basal layer cells express p63 and cytokeratin 5/6, while goblet cells express MUC-2 and MUC-5AC mucins, supporting the notion that nasolabial cysts can be understood as hamartomatous, locally expansile remnants of distal nasolacrimal duct development.


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