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Wednesday 17 December 2003


Definition: Anisakiosis is a parasitic infection that follows consumption of raw or insufficiently pickled, salted, smoked, or cooked wild marine fish infected with Anisakis sp. larvae.

See : gastric anisakiasis


- Anisakis in stomach : gastric anisakiasis

- Anisakis


- acute intestinal obstruction
- multiple small bowel stenosis
- acute inflammatory ileitis simulating appendicitis
- ulcer type epigastralgia
- purulent peritonitis
- latent small bowel tumor
- positive serodiagnosis
- consumption of undercooked fishes

Microscopical synopsis

- eosinophilic granulomas
- parasitic fragments
- intestinal eosinophilic granuloma
- localized area of serositis
- mucosal edema
- submucosal abscess rich in eosinophils surrounding a parasite consistent with the third larval stage of Anisakis sp.

Diagnostic morphologic of the parasite

- unpaired excretory gland (renette cell)
- Y-shaped lateral epidermal cords
- no apparent reproductive system
- a ventriculus (glandular esophagus)
- absence of lateral alae excluded Ascaris sp.
- absence of ventricular appendage and intestinal cecum excluded other anisakids of the genera Pseudoterranova sp. and Contracaecum sp. .


- gastric anisakiasis

Differential diagnosis

- acute abdominal syndromes
- eosinophilic infiltrates of the stomach, small intestine, colon, omentum, and mesentery


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