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MIM.133430 6q25

Friday 12 December 2003

See also: estrogen receptor (ER): ESR1 and ESR2


Oestrogen receptor-alpha (ERalpha or ESR1)-regulated transcription in breast cancer cells involves protein co-factors that contribute to the regulation of chromatin structure.

These include co-factors with the potential to regulate histone modifications such as acetylation or methylation, and therefore the transcriptional state of target genes.

Much of the information regarding the interaction of specific co-factors with ER has been generated by studying specific promoter regions.


- estrogen receptor alpha (ESR1) gene amplification (6q25 amplicon) is frequent in mammary adenocarcinomas (breast cancer) (17417639)

- ESR1 amplification by amp(6)(q25.1) in mammary adenocarcinomas (breast cancer)


- tamoxifen


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