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Wednesday 25 February 2015

p16 is coded by gene CDKN2A .


- p16 IHC positivity

Diagnostic use

- Distinction of endocervical adenocarcinomas and endometrial adenocarcinomas (15043304)

- low-grade squamous cervical lesions

p16 and L1 immunohistochemistry can be helpful for estimating the biologic potentiality of low-grade squamous cervical lesions. Particularly in cases in which the grade of the lesion is morphologically difficult to assess, the p16/L1 expression pattern could be useful for planning the clinical management of these women.

In contrast to anogenital HPV-associated lesions, positive p16 expression is not a reliable marker of high-risk α-HPV infection in Bowen disease cases, as it can be also detected in β-HPV infected and HPV-negative cases. (26913849)

- p16 hyperexpression in HPV high risk-associated lesions

- loss of p16 expression in tumor progression in melanoma

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