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mammary-like glands

Saturday 18 May 2013

anogenital mammary-like glands; AGMLG ; vulvar mammary-like gland ; anogenital mammary-like gland

Definition : Ectopic breast tissue in the vulva was first identified by Hartung in 1872, and it has long been considered caudal remnants of the milk ridges, though mammary type tissue has been reported to be a normal constituent of the anogenital area (1991). Today such tissues in the anal area are called anogenital mammary-like glands (AGMLG).

There have been reports of lesions arising in AGMLG that resemble breast neoplasms, including benign or malignant, epithelial and/or stromal neoplasms.


- Phyllodes tumor or other fibroepithelial tumors of AGMLG is extremely rare and has previously been found in females mostly, and in males rarely.
- Gynecomastoid hyperplasia of AGMLG can be also identified at periphery of tumor.
- adenocarcinoma of mammary-like glands


- adenocarcinoma arising from the mammary-like gland of the vulva