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epidermolytic acanthoma

Friday 12 October 2012

Definition : Epidermolytic acanthoma is an uncommon lesion which may be solitary, resembling a wart, or multiple. It shows the histopathological changes of epidermolytic hyperkeratosis, and can be seen as a disorder of epidermal maturation and keratinization. It is one of acanthomas.


- Epidermolytic acanthoma

Epidermolytic acanthoma is an uncommon lesion which presents clinically as a wart in patients of all ages.

A disseminated form has also been reported; in one report of four cases, the lesions developed after sun exposure.

Trauma has also been incriminated.

Multiple scrotal epidermolytic acanthomas have been reported. They were thought to have resulted from the trauma of chronic scratching.


The lesions show the typical features of epidermolytic hyperkeratosis.

The entire thickness of the epidermis may be involved or only the upper part of the nucleated epidermis. There is a diminution in the expression of K1 and K10 in the altered granular layer of lesional skin.


- solitary, keratotic lesion