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pulmonary parenchymal hamartoma

Wednesday 26 September 2012

Pulmonary mesenchymoma

Digital cases

- JRC:6365: Lung parenchymal hamartoma.

Definition: Pulmonary hamartomas or mesenchymomas are the most common form of benign lung tumours.


Pulmonary hamartomas or mesenchymomas are the most common form of benign lung tumours with an incidence of between 0.025% – 0.32% according to different necropsy studies.

In a large series they constituted 7–14% of all coin lesions.

Most of these are parenchymal lesions with endobronchial lesions making up only about 10%.

The peak incidence is between the sixth and seventh decades with a male preponderance.

Clinical synopsis

The parenchymal lesions are usually an incidental radiological finding of a round homogeneous opacity in the periphery, whereas endobronchial lesions are usually associated with haemoptysis and obstructive pneumonia.

The size of these parenchymal lesions ranges from 1–8 cm and the tumour in our case is more than 3 times that of any previously published.


The histology of the parenchymal lesions usually reveals a predominant chondroid differentiation (80%), with fibroblastic (12%), fatty (5%) and osseous (3%) differentiation making the rest.

The lesion can be predominantly made of adipose and leiomyomatous differentiation.


- pulmonary mesenchymal cystic hamartoma

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