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low-grade ovarian serous carcinoma

Wednesday 15 August 2012

low-grade serous carcinoma (ovarian LGSC)

Definition: Serous tumor of low malignant potential (SLMP) and low-grade serous carcinoma (LGSC) are part of one biological continuum, whereby SLMP can transform into LGSC.


- low-grade ovarian serous carcinoma

It has been suggested that some nodal SLMPs arise from nodal endosalpingiosis and evolve independently in lymph nodes (rather than being related to the ovarian primary)

In patients with ovarian SLMP and extensive pelvic/periaortic nodal endosalpingiosis and/or SLMP, examination and follow-up of extrapelvic lymph nodes are warranted, even if the ovarian tumor lacks high-risk features of recurrence.


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