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cystic dysraphic lesions

Thursday 12 January 2012

Cystic dysraphic lesions of the cervical and upper thoracic region are rare.

Cystic dysraphic lesions can be divided into categories that include both myelocystoceles and the so-called cervical meningoceles or myelomeningoceles.

Cystic dysraphisms of the cervical and upper thoracic region differ clinically and structurally from meningomyelocele and have a more favorable outcome.


- cervical cystic dysraphic lesions
- upper thoracic cystic dysraphic lesions


- CNS malformations
- systemic congenital anomalies


- stalk connecting the dorsal surface of the spinal cord to the cyst.
- myelocystocele
- true meningocele

The histopathological findings are of three types:
- neuroglial stalks
- fibrovascular stalks
- myelocystoceles