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mandibular cysts

Wednesday 6 January 2010



Cysts derived from odontogenic epithelium are called odontogenic cysts; those that originate from other epithelial structures are known as non-odontogenic cysts.

Within the odontogenic cysts, one discerns between developmental and inflammatory. The inflammatory cysts are thought to arise from inflammation-induced epithelial proliferation with subsequent central liquefaction. The developmental cysts lack a clear-cut aetiology.

Unless stated specifically, all cysts are cured by simple enucleation and do not show any tendency to recur. From a practical view, the radicular cyst, the dentigerous cyst and the odontogenic keratocyst are the most important, as they have the highest incidence. All other cyst types are very rare.


- mandibular odontogenic cysts

- non-odontogenic cysts


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