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myopathic CIPO

Thursday 26 November 2009


- chronic intestinal pseudoobstruction (CIPO)
- intestinal failure
- visceral myopathy
- atrophic muscularis propria or hypertrophic muscularis propria
- atrophic pattern of injury to the muscularis propria

  • vacuolar degeneration of myocytes
  • loss of muscle fibers
  • honeycomb pattern of fibrosis

Hypertrophic changes can be observed in visceral myopathy, but the hypertrophy typically represents only a minor feature, typically limited to the internal layer of the muscularis propria.

The muscular hypertrophy can be the dominant pattern of injury and can involve both layers of muscularis propria rather than just the inner circular layer.

See also

- chronic intestinal pseudoobstruction (CIPO)
- visceral myopathy


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