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glycogen storage disease type 1b


Tuesday 13 October 2009

Definition: Glycogen storage disease type 1b is a rare metabolic disorder which affects the transport system of glucose-6-phosphatase metabolism. Autosomal recessive metabolic disease, caused by mutation in the glucose-6-phosphate transporter 1 gene (G6PT1, MIM.602671.0001) .

Type Ib glycogenosis is a rare glycogen storage disorder resulting from a defect in the enzyme, glucose-6-phosphatase microsomal translocase.

Patients with glycogen storage disease type 1B present the clinical features of glycogen storage disease type 1A.

In addition, they are susceptible to recurrent bacterial infection and have recurrent oral ulcers and occasionally Crohn’s-like disease.

There features are due to immune dysfunction caused by a combination of neutropenia and impaired phagocytic functions.


- hepatomegaly
- failure to thrive
- renal dysfunction
- recurrent infections

- Short stature
- Delayed puberty
- ’Doll-like’ facies
- Lipemia retinalis

- Hypertension
- Protuberant abdomen
- Hepatomegaly
- Liver adenomas
- Hepatocellular carcinoma
- Pancreatitis
- chronic inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) (1779622)

- immune dysfunction
- impaired phagocytic functions.
- intestinal mucosal ulcerations
- oral complications (2304744, 7776266, 7617501, 9106875)

  • oral ulcers
  • rapidly progressive periodontal disease
  • recurrent mucosal ulceration

- hypoglycemia (11321392)
- cerebral abscesses (1467626)
- peripheral and central giant cell granuloma (19590614)
- Reduced creatinine clearance
- Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis
- Renal stones
- Renal enlargement
- osteoporosis
- gouty arthritis
- xanthoma
- severe neutropenia (8447561)
- impaired neutrophil migration
- abnormal leukocyte function
- T1 transport protein (Glucose-6-phosphate translocase) defect
- Hyperlipidemia
- Hyperuricemia
- Lactic acidosis
- Hypoglycemia
- Proteinuria
- Liver transaminases normal to slightly increased
- Recurrent bacterial infections
- hypoglycemic seizures
- recurrent infections
- massive hepatomegaly
- recurrent hypoglycemia
- hyperuricemia
- hypertriglyceridemia
- neutropenia
- fasting lactacidemia
- acute myelogenous leukemia (6590826)
- malignant hyperthermia (6590826)
- Crohn-like enteritis or colitis (12373579, 18172743)
- myasthenia gravis (18437526)
- neutrophil dysfunction (1985051)

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