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dedifferentiated parosteal osteosarcoma

Thursday 2 April 2009

Dedifferentiated parosteal osteosarcoma (DPOS) is a variant of osteosarcoma in which a high-grade sarcoma coexists with a conventional parosteal osteosarcoma (c-POS), either at presentation (synchronous type) or at the time of recurrence (metachronous type).

Dedifferentiation occurred in approximately 24% of patients with c-POS. The prognosis for patients with DPOS was better than the prognosis for patients with dedifferentiated central and dedifferentiated peripheral chondrosarcoma. (15852358)

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- Dedifferentiated parosteal osteosarcoma: the experience of the Rizzoli Institute. Bertoni F, Bacchini P, Staals EL, Davidovitz P. Cancer. 2005 Jun 1;103(11):2373-82. PMID: 15852358 (Free article at journal site)