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metanephric stromal tumor

Monday 27 October 2003

Definition: Metanephric stromal tumors are rare renal stromal tumors that predominantly affect children. They belong to the metanephric family of tumors along with metanephric adenofibroma and metanephric adenoma .


- Mean patient age : 2 years


- fibrous lesion centered in the renal medulla containing smooth-walled cysts (mean tumor size, 5.5 cm)


- histologically identical to the stromal component of metanephric adenofibroma (MAF, previously termed nephrogenic adenofibroma)
- unencapsulated spindle cell lesion that entraps native kidney
- alternating cellularity that imparts a nodular low-power appearance, onion-skin cuffing around entrapped renal tubules, heterologous differentiation (glia or cartilage), and vascular alterations (angiodysplasia of entrapped arterioles, juxtaglomerular cell hyperplasia in entrapped glomeruli)
- vascular alterations


- CD34+/-


- surgical excision alone
- none recurrence or metastasis known

Differential diagnosis

- clear cell sarcoma of the kidney

Molecular pathology

- BRAF exon 15 mutation

  • found in 11/17 cases (65%) of metanephric stromal tumors, all corresponding to a thymidine to adenine substitution at codon 600 (BRAF V600E).
  • All other renal stromal tumors tested were negative for BRAF exon 15 mutations. -* BRAF V600E mutations are encountered in the majority of metanephric stromal tumors, supporting a link with other metanephric tumors and suggesting a clonal event possibly affecting primordial renal cells.
  • BRAF V600E mutations have been associated with oncogene-induced senescence in other benign tumors, providing clues to the pathogenesis of these neoplasms in keeping with their overall benign behavior.
  • Results also suggest a potential diagnostic use for BRAF exon 15 mutations in differentiating metanephric stromal tumors from other pediatric renal stromal tumors, particularly in limited samples.
  • BRAF exon 15 mutations have been observed in 88% of metanephric adenomas and in isolated cases of metanephric adenofibroma.

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