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Tuesday 8 January 2008


Definition: Transcription factor p65 also known as nuclear factor NF-kappa-B p65 subunit is a protein that in humans is encoded by the RELA gene.

RELA, also known as p65, is a REL-associated protein involved in NF-κB heterodimer formation, nuclear translocation and activation.

NF-κB is an essential transcription factor complex involved in all types of cellular processes, including cellular metabolism, chemotaxis, etc.

Phosphorylation and acetylation of RELA are crucial post-translational modifications required for NF-κB activation. RELA has also been shown to modulate immune responses, and activation of RELA is positively associated with multiple types of cancer.


- C11orf95-RELA fusion gene in ependymoma

  • RELA-associated ependymoma

- RELA-ZMYND8 fusion gene in acute erythroid leukemia (23667654)

NFKB complex

NFKB1 (MIM.164011) or NFKB2 (MIM.164012) is bound to REL (MIM.164910), RELA (MIM.164014), or RELB (MIM.604758) to form the NFKB complex.

The p50 (NFKB1)/p65 (RELA) heterodimer is the most abundant form of NFKB. The NFKB complex is inhibited by I-kappa-B proteins (NFKBIA) (MIM.164008) or NFKBIB (MIM.604495), which inactivate NFKB by trapping it in the cytoplasm.

Phosphorylation of serine residues on the I-kappa-B proteins by kinases IKBKA (MIM.600664) or IKBKB (MIM.603258) marks them for destruction via the ubiquitination pathway, thereby allowing activation of the NFKB complex.

Activated NFKB complex translocates into the nucleus and binds DNA at kappa-B-binding motifs such as 5-prime GGGRNNYYCC 3-prime or 5-prime HGGARNYYCC 3-prime (where H is A, C, or T; R is an A or G purine; and Y is a C or T pyrimidine).

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