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MIM.605557 1p36.3

Monday 3 September 2007

PRDM16 is encoding a zinc finger protein with a PR domain that is highly homologous to the MDS1 (MIM.600049)/EVI1 (MIM.165215) genes.


- variant in predisposition to migraine (GWAS) (21666692)

- PRDM16 is located near the breakpoint at 1p36.3, the gene

  • The 3q21-q26 syndrome represents a recurrent translocation, inversion, or insertion between the regions 3q21 and 3q26 and is associated with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) or acute myeloid leukemia (AML).
  • The disorder is frequently characterized by trilineage dysplasia, in particular dysmegakaryocytopoiesis, and poor prognosis.
  • A similar type of MDS/AML has been reported with the recurrent t(1;3)(p36;q21) translocation. Near the breakpoint at 1p36.3, the gene PRDM16 has been identified, encoding a zinc finger protein with a PR domain that is highly homologous to the MDS1 (MIM.600049)/EVI1 (MIM.165215) genes.

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