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ovarian metastasis

Wednesday 16 March 2016

metastasis to ovary

The GI tract is the most common primary site to metastasize to the ovary; this is followed by breast cancer, and then endometrial cancer.

Carcinomatous components of carcinosarcomas metastasize more frequently than the sarcomatous components.

For the GI tract, colon mets. are most common, followed by stomach mets. Metastasis from the gyne tract are significantly less frequent.

For the gynecologic organs, most commonly mets. to the ovaries are from the uterine cervix.

In general, the GI tract is the most common site, followed by breast, and then endometrium. More specifically, the colon is the most common primary site of metastasis to the ovary, followed by stomach, appendix, breast, pancreas, biliary tract, liver, cervix, and endometrium.

The uterine cervix is less common than mets from the GI tract and breasts, but more common than endometrial mets to the ovaries.


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