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renal mixed epithelial and stromal tumor

Monday 7 May 2007

mixed epithelial and stromal tumor of kidney, renal MEST ;

Definition: Mixed epithelial and stromal tumors are uncommon biphasic tumors of the kidney, with cystic and solid areas composed of a morphologically diverse stroma, including ovarian-like stroma and an epithelial component with considerable heterogeneity. Little is known about the histogenesis and clonal origins of these tumors.


- Mixed epithelial and stromal tumor of the kidney (MEST)

Some data support the theory that the stroma and epithelium arise from a common cell of origin. (21753695)

MEST represents a tumour developing from mullerian-like stromal cells in the kidney. MESTs in males were histopathologically slightly different from those in females due to the different hormonal milieu.

Cystic nephroma (CN) and mixed epithelial and stromal tumor (MEST) are rare benign renal neoplasms that have overlapping clinical and morphologic features, including predominance in middle-aged women, variably cystic architecture, eosinophilic cells, and hobnail cells lining the cysts and ovarian-type stroma. For both entities, a unifying term of "renal epithelial and stromal tumor" (REST) to encompass the spectrum of findings observed in these tumors.


- In females, the stromal component showed areas of mullerian differentiation with positive immunoreactivity for oestrogen (ER) and progesterone receptors (PR) and CD10.
- features of mullerian epithelium and reactive renal tubular cells in the epithelial component
- fibrous and smooth muscle stroma and cysts lined only by reactive renal tubular cells
- The neoplastic stroma encroaches on the renal tubules and has the potential to stimulate the growth of the renal tubules by contact, with development into cysts.

- The mullerian stroma likely induces the renal tubules to differentiate into mullerian-like epithelium.

- possible melanocytic differentiation (HMB45+)

Differential diagnosis

- cystic nephroma which represents an incidence of 1.6% of renal neoplasms in adults.


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