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Call-Exner bodies

Sunday 18 February 2007

Call-Exner body

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Definition: Call-Exner bodies are rosette-like formations with central filamentous and eosinophilic material consisting of excess basal lamina.

Call–Exner bodies are small eosinophilic fluid-filled spaces between granulosa cells. The granulosa cells are usually arranged haphazardly around the space. They are usually associated with Granulosa cell tumors.

They are composed of membrane-packaged secretion of granulosa cells and have relations to the formation of liquor folliculi which are seen among closely arranged granulosa cells.


- Call-Exner bodies in Adult Granulosa Cell Tumor; nuclear grooves, inhibin+ and EMA neg.


- granulosa cell tumor

  • granulosa cell tumor has sheets of small cells with longitudinal nuclear grooves (“ coffee bean nuclei ”), and Call-Exner bodies (eosinophilic fluid filled spaces surrounded by granulosa cells). Most tumors cause hyperestrogenism.

- microfollicular adult-type granulosa cell tumor( with Call–Exner bodies) (WebPathology 1 and 2)

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